What is NM-EECP?

Nutritional Medicine Enhanced External Counter Pulsation is a unique form of solution that is specifically designed by DSY Wellness to provide evidence-based methods in reversing cardiovascular related issue.

Enhanced Counter Pulsation (ECP) itself is a safe, non-invasive and non- Surgical Procedure that delivers great clinical benefits to those with symptomatic coronary artery disease.
Up to 80% improvement can be seen that relief angina, increase physical endurance, and reduce dependence on medication.

ECP generates new pathways surrounding the blocked arteries and expand the network of the small blood vessels to promote and increase blood flow towards the heart muscle. It can also be referred to as a “natural bypass” and an alternative to surgeries and lifelong medications.

By combining Nutritional Medicine along with the standard procedure of ECP, the speed of achieving results is greatly enhanced and many underlying root factors of cardiovascular disease can be reversed such as chronic inflammation, diabetes, hormonal disorder, autoimmune etc.


How does NM-EECP works?

STEP 1 – ECP triggers the body to create tiny blood vessels that act like a natural bypass, carrying blood around larger blocked vessels. Chest pain is then reduces because the heart is again able to receive oxygen-rich blood.

STEP 2 – It decreases the after load that the heart has to pump against, and increases the preload that fills the heart, hence increasing the cardiac output.

STEP 3 – Since it increases pressure in the aorta while the heart is relaxing (during diastole), ECP also increases blood flow into the coronary arteries.

STEP 4 – Cuff inflation/ deflation increases the force of the blood flow to the heart causing the cells lining. the blood vessels to produce chemicals that widen the blood vessels, allowing blood to flow through more freely.

STEP 5 – Individualized nutraceuticals support are given based on recommendations from blood panels markers designed to treat and reversed said problems. Apart from that, stem cells production are also triggered to enhance the healing process of the body specifically the arteries.

STEP 6 – Dietary and lifestyle intervention is cultured into daily lifestyle and helps to maintain the health of the body.


Who Needs NM-EECP treatment?

• Angina Patient
• Coronary patient
• Diabetes Patient
• High Blood Pressure Patient
• Elderly People
• Inactive Lifestyle
• Post Covid recovery patient


What are the benefits of NM-EECP Therapy?

• Increasing Nitric Oxide
• Improving Vascular Health
• Decreasing the amount of work needed by the heart to pump blood
• Promotes blood vessel formation
• Increases flow of oxygen and nutrients
• Improve organ function
• Increases the volume of blood pumped by the heart
• Increases anti-inflammatory effects
• Reversed chronic health disorders
• Increase quality of life and longevity