Corporate Wellness Workshop Series

Healthy Employee, Healthy Profits

  • Activity-based workshop that imparts practical nutritional knowledge that can elevate work performance & company’s productivity.
  • Learning Outcomes
  • To understand how optimal nutritional impacts mental, physical & work performance.

  • To learn that wise food choices influence long term health consequences.

  • To learn how to stay healthy during an economic slowdown to avoid financially debilitating medical treatment costs.

  • To gain practical application & designing of diet to optimize nutrition within one’s budget.
  • Course Details
    Day 1

  • Understanding Optimal Nutrition & how it can elevate work performance & company’s productivity. Healthier employees result in better performing companies in the long run.

  • Unravelling of common food myths and industry secrets with scientifically-backed evidence. Learn how to avoid the dangers of modern day food & beverages that adversely affect work performance.

  • Learn that top debilitating chronic illnesses today are mostly linked to diet deficiencies & poor lifestyle choices. Acquire knowledge on clinically proven DO’s & DON’T’S in preventing & managing:

  • - Heart Disease
    - Diabetes
    - Stroke
    - High Cholesterol
    - Tumor & cancer
    - Liver Disease
    - Overweight & obesity
    - Allergies
    - Hypertension
    - Gynecological Disorders

    Day 2

  • Discover methods to optimize mental performance, household food budget, dining out healthily & eating our way through an Economic Slowdown – acquire true health, improve emotional health & beat inflation at the same time.

  • Addressing main health disorders through simple diet & lifestyle tweaks. Mitigating the risk of future critical illnesses & reducing company’s talent loss.

  • Benefits of a Healthy Company Workforce:

  • - Reduced healthcare claims through critical illness prevention
    - Increased productivity (reduced absenteeism and sick leaves)
    - Increased employee’s morale (better employee retention and loyalty)
    - Improved employee’s performance, career advancement & self-fulfilment.
    Panel of Trainers
  • Dato’ Sri Steve Yap - View Profile
  • Leong Yin Fun - View Profile
  • Jonathan Chew - View Profile
  • Dinah Doong Weng Lee - View Profile
  • Seow Yee Yung - View Profile
  • Aziz Youp - View Profile
  • Dr Lennie Soo - View Profile
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