Executive Program

4-day in-depth program designed to maximise personal health & performance sustainability

  • A comprehensive personalised program designed to provide the fundamental knowledge in dietary design, optimize your physical, sustainable mental & emotional health.

  • Perfect for individuals who seek to maintain personal peak performance.
  • Learning Outcomes
    1. Nutrition:

  • Learnt that top chronic health disorders today are mainly linked to poor diet & lifestyle choices.

  • Learn practical nutritional knowledge to regain optimal health & well being.

  • Learn to prepare nutritious cuisine, become your own personal diet expert and chef.

  • 2. Stress management for mental endurance:

  • Understand & identify sources of chronic stress. Self awareness leads to better stress management.

  • Prevent burnout and retain performance through effective stress coping techniques.

  • Learn strategies to turn distress into empowerment.

  • 3. Disease prevention:

  • Understand how optimal nutrition impacts physical & mental performance.

  • Stopping the progress of disease through early detection- a life & cost saver.

  • Acquire practical reversal & preventive methods that allow you to regain your optimal health.
  • Course Details
    Total duration of 32 hours

    Session 1
  • Know Your Carbohydrates - Learn how to differentiate between complex carbs, refined carbs & fiber ; and its impact to good health.
  • Food Pyramid - Learn the truth about the modern food pyramid.

  • Session 2
  • The Power of Protein - Learn how to utilize these basic building blocks of life, from hair to hormones.
  • Enzymes, the Essence of Life - Learn to maintain essential protein in its optimal state for youth preservation.

  • Session 3
  • Fats & Oil - Learn how to differentiate the healthy & unhealthy types of fats.
  • Hidden Dangers in Modern Day Food & Beverages - Learn to identify the "disease causing man-made chemicals" found in modern day food choices.

  • Session 4
  • Vitamins & Minerals - Learn how to acquire vital nutrients from food that the body cannot produce.
  • Bowel Flora - Learn how good health begins from the gut.

  • Session 5
  • Stress Management - Learn how stress affects the body.
  • Mind & Body Connection - Learn and experience how the mind influences health.

  • Session 6
  • Top Chronic Diseases - Learn about Obesity, Heart Disease, Cancer and how to prevent them from happening.
  • Lifestyle Hacks for health enhancement.

  • Session 7
  • Nutritional Cooking - Learn about cuisines live - from our expert health chef.
  • Cooking & food preparation techniques to optimize nutritional value.

  • Session 8
  • Dietary Design : A Real Life Case Study - Application of knowledge through practical diet, lifestyle & stress management.
  • Panel of Trainers
  • Dato’ Sri Steve Yap - View Profile
  • Leong Yin Fun - View Profile
  • Jonathan Chew - View Profile
  • Dinah Doong Weng Lee - View Profile
  • Seow Yee Yung - View Profile
  • Aziz Youp - View Profile
  • Dr Lennie Soo - View Profile
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